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One of my sewing students, Judy Jenkins, gave me permission to publish this blog. With every quilt she makes, she writes a personal message. I was so impressed with her thoughts and her talent for writing, I wanted to share it with you.  

Quilty the value you hold is beyond understanding for you were so present when life happened. Each block represents memories only you can reveal and know what really happened. I was stitched with prayers of thanksgiving for the past and prayers of hopes and joys for the future. 

Quilty knows how proud you were when you wore me each special day, the touches, wrinkles, dirt, sweat, messes, washes, smells, folds, cries and hugs that happened so lovingly.

With great flexibility to stretch and endure until folded and placed in a box for safe keeping just to wait, wonder, dream, remember and then light came and off to Grammy Camp I went. Then to be heated, pressed, cut, stitched joined and bound with the others to be formed into a quilt! With each cut and stitch I could hear her laugh, cry, pray, sign or even worse as she stuck her fingers with the needle.

​To LIVE AGAIN a big quilt with new hopes, dreams and memories to enjoy for the rest of my days. Oh to be touched again, hugged, to see sweat, tears, dirt, sleep, picnics, to be a tent, kisses, tailgating, beaches, camping, laundry, burps, messes and other great important events to be cherished.

Quilty reveal the happy thoughts, memories, friends, family and dreams past, present and future and remember:  The LORD will guide you always; Isiah 58:11

​Grammy Judy Jenkins