Sew Much Fun

  • Students prepare a sample library ranging from seams/seam finishes to zippers. These samples are the components for clothing construction.

  • Students learn the principles of flat pattern making. They will be challenged to change a basic sloper to a specific design.

  • Students will complete the design process from making a sketch, draping the design, making a pattern from the draped design, and sewing the garment.

  • Students will make a "mood" board similar to those required by fashion design schools.

  • There will be additional fees for design materials above the class fee of $20.

How is a Fashion Design Prep School different from teen classes?

Who would be considered a Fashion Design Prep Student?

A Fashion Design Prep Student is a girl who has a serious, passionate interest in fashion that goes beyond sewing clothes. She wants to create her own style that makes a statement of her vision for fashion. She is someone who is willing to do more than come to a weekly sewing class.

Fashion Design Prep School